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Fire in Your Belly; Egg on Your Face:
Is your web site supporting your brand?

I am happy to report that I work with some very enthusiastic and motivated clients. In the early days of commercial web sites, I helped several customers who were investing in their first site. Some of them liked that first site so much that it has been hard to get them to upgrade. They ascribe to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!”

While I’m pleased that the web sites have had such longevity, I’m concerned that they don’t show the evolution of the brand. The business has grown, but the web site shows a much less significant company. So, basically, it is “broke.”

How do you know and why does it matter?

Dated. If your web site looks old-fashioned (and not stylishly Old School) you convey that your business is too.

Neglected. Do you have dead animals and former employees pictured? Is your news page a historical archive? Web sites should be living documents. If yours isn’t, it looks like your company is on life support.

Under construction. Back in the days when it took ages to code a web site, the old yellow and black diagonal bar with sawhorses symbol was very popular. Now it just looks indecisive. Get ‘er done!

Disfunctional. Does your site use technology that doesn’t work on some of today’s mobile devices? You are losing opportunities to make your site a resource to help shorten the sales cycle.

For some time now, web sites have been the go-to credential for prospects to learn more about your brand personality and what you are about. It sets expectations of what it’s like to do business with you…or should.

Technological changes and web style changes are happening fast. If your web site hasn’t been updated or rebuilt in two to three years, it is ancient by today’s standards. After all, if your business looked the same today as it did three years ago, you probably wouldn’t be very happy.

Make sure as you passionately grow your business, that your web site keeps up! Don’t let that fire be extinguished by a musty, cobweb-covered web presence.

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