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Is Your Logo a No-No? Taking your identity from start-up to success

I’m lucky to live in a walkable, urban, artsy neighborhood called the Museum District. Its eclectic charms are a visual (and sometimes visceral) feast for the senses. Within an easy walk I could get tattooed, see world-class art or savor a 4-star dinner. I usually opt for the latter two.

One thing I notice when I am out and about are the front porches and doorways along the way. What variety! Many doors are painted red—something of signature for the neighborhood. Others are the blue of Provence, the yellow of Nantucket, or the somber hues of Boston. Some have inviting garden paths to the door. Others are hidden behind a solid fence. Nothing is cookie-cutter. And, each doorway tells a story about how the inhabitants invite people into their world.

Your logo is the front door to your brand. Is your logo telegraphing the right signals to attract your ideal client to your door?

Maybe you have a quickie or bargain logo, which was cobbled together in start-up phase. As the company has grown, the old logo just isn’t reflective of what the company represents.

Perhaps you are a survivor of a corporate career and are starting a new entity. You understand the importance of a solid identity, but aren’t sure how to get a logo that best showcases your brand value.

As you start thinking about or rethinking your logo, consider these points to make sure you put out the welcome mat:

Personality—Your logo should feel like what your company does and how it does business: Fun? Funky? Formal?

Less is more—The logo must be clear and easy to read or see in the sizes and environments in which it will be used. Don’t clutter it with unnecessary adornment that does not support your brand style.

Professional—Your logo should make you look like a viable company. Whether it is industrial, playful, sophisticated or earthy, it needs to communicate success.

Make customers confident they have made the right choice when they see your “front door.”

ID IQ: Is your logo working for you?Has your company outgrown the logo you used at start-up? Does your logo no longer represent the brand you have become? Do printers and outside vendors have difficulties reproducing your logo? Download "What's your ID IQ? This easy self-assessment tool help you see whether your logo is working to support your brand.

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