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The Cloak of Invisibility: How to avoid disappearing in plain sight

Back when I lived in the Northeast, I would ride the subway to work. Occasionally, when it was a glorious spring or fall day (or during a transit strike), I’d allow extra time and stroll above ground. It was amazing how much I had missed that was happening all around (or above) me while I was focused solely on getting from Point A to Point B.

Business is like that, too. Many of us get so busy keeping our heads down, noses to the grindstone, focused on getting our projects completed or just taking care of business that we don’t pay attention to competition and distractions growing around us.

Building your brand relies on more than doing excellent work and satisfying customers. If you build it, they may not come—unless you remind, ask, announce, inform, entice and cajole.

To stay top of mind, you need to make some noise. A few tactics that are easy to implement are:

Get out from under your cloak of invisibility, so you aren’t the only one who is aware of how great you are. What customers can’t see will hurt you.

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