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Wallflower or Social (Media) Butterfly?
Building your brand reputation

Social media has come a long way in its first 21 years. No longer the secret clubhouse of slackers, nerds and surfers of technology’s bleeding edge, social media has grown (or some may say deteriorated) into a stage not only for consumer-focused businesses like Coca-Cola and Nike, but also for business-to-business companies and professional practices.

Just as with web sites, having a social media presence used to be an option. As the medium has matured, it is now essential for businesses to put on their dancing shoes and give it a whirl.
Social media takes on some of the duties of public relations—it helps get your story out there to build your reputation and name recognition. It helps position you as an expert.

So, as a business-to-business or professional organization, how do you make this a tool and not a toy? A good rule of thumb is to think of social media as a faster way to serve valuable content to your target audience. Here are some basics:

If you think social media is just fluff, you’ll be left on the sidelines while your competitors are dancing with your customers. It’s time to let your social butterfly emerge from the cocoon and learn to fly with social media.

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