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It's Not You, It's Me: 10 tips to make your brand unforgettable

Relationships are funny. Sometimes you think you’re doing everything right, only to find out the other half of the equation thinks you’re just dialing it in.

I’m not talking about your love life; I’m talking about the relationship your brand has with the customer. Sure, you say “Thank you for the business,” but are you showing and practicing that gratitude beyond what’s expected? Are you maintaining a connection? Do you continually provide value?

Here are 10 tips to help keep that brand love alive:

  1. Referrals: Your customers are great at what they do. Pass their contact information and web site to others who might benefit or share a prospect’s contact information with your customer.
  2. Knowledge is Power: Share links to relevant and useful articles that will make their business easier.
  3. Be Thoughtful: Customers remember the brand that treated them like a person. Send a handwritten congratulations note or remember a birthday or business milestone.
  4. Share: Send out an enewsletter or ezine with tips, product news, recipes (if you’re in the food business), client success stories, or other helpful information. You stay top-of-mind by providing a service.
  5. Be Hospitable: If your clients attend an industry event or tradeshow, provide a hospitality suite where they can relax and be entertained.
  6. Remembrance: Send a gift personalized with your contact’s name, initials or a milestone event.
  7. Go the Extra Mile: If your client is coming to visit your facility, send a car to the airport or hotel, or have a welcome gift in the hotel room. Put their name on your greeter board. Make sure everyone is alerted to welcome the guest.
  8. Be a Resource: If you can’t help a client or prospect with something, refer them to someone who can.
  9. Tell Great Stories: Share engaging stories about employees, community activities, and participation in charities.
  10. Touch Base: Pick up the phone or shoot an email just to check in, not just when you are looking for business.
  11. And, here’s a lagniappe,
  12. Surprise: Do the unexpected. Make a donation to a charity the client supports in his or her name…for no occasion at all. Random acts of kindness are good for everyone.
We live in the land of too many distractions. It’s easy for people to forget your brand, if you don’t give them a reason to remember. It’s not them. It’s you.

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